Noor’s Heroes™ is a series of books that showcases women and men from, or influenced by, the Arab world, who followed their dreams and earned their place on the universal list of heroes.

Named after the author’s daughter, whose name means light in Arabic and several languages, Noor represents an Arab youth exposed to a global culture that is becoming increasingly Westernized.

It is a youth that gobbles up information about heroes that don’t (always) resemble them, unaware of the rich history and identity of the region they come from.

Noor’s Heroes™ was created to bring light to this very heritage.

Noor’s Heroes™ aims to instil a sense of awareness and pride in young children, nurture their sense of wonder, and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Every book is an adventure into the lives and accomplishments of these heroes, told through the captivating words of Myrna Ayad and the charming illustrations of enthusiastic designers from the Arab world and elsewhere.

Each book reframes the story of the Arab world and its influences by generating interest, love, and respect for heroes who should be celebrated in every household around the globe.